Jennifer Aniston, Act Without Make-up in ‘Cake’

Jennifer Aniston, Act Without Make-up in ‘Cake’ – There are not many artists who dare to act without make-up in the movie. But Jennifer Aniston is different.
In her latest movie, Cake, which was just released, she dared to accept the challenge to act without make-up, in almost the entire duration of the movie. She also was not wearing any foundation.
In an interview with EOnline as quoted on Saturday (11/08/2014), Jennifer said that, the only time she was sitting in the makeup chair is, when the makeup artist had to create the effect of wound on her face. In character as Claire Simmons in ‘Cake’, she is described as having acute pain problems, and long scar on the cheek because of accident.
So, what are Jennifer feelings for the first time perform without make-up in the movie ?
“It feels amazing, like a dream, and it’s free,” said Jennifer.
Jennifer Aniston, Act Without Make-up in 'Cake'
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After seeing the teaser, the critics say, Jen still look beautiful even if not wearing makeup. Of course, the audience’s attention is now not only the beautiful movie star, but the quality of the acting and the story.
Jen gave way self-confidence, for other Hollywood actresses, to dare to appear without makeup in the movie. However, Jen admits that, if it were not for her character in ‘Cake’, she might be thinking to take the offer, acting in movies without makeup.
Jennifer Aniston was recently rumored to have secretly married her fiance, Justin Theroux.

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