Chauncy Black, Berharap Donat Malah dapatkan $270,000

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Seorang pengguna Facebook, Matt White yang berasal dari Memphis, Tennessee menceritakan peristiwa yang unik yang terjadi padanya dan seorang anak berusia 16 tahun pada tanggal 10 Juni lalu. Dia mengatakan dia pergi ke toko Kroger untuk membeli bahan makanan dan bertemu dengan seorang anak berusia 16 tahun, Chauncy Jones Black, yang bertanya padanya, apakah dia membutuhkan bantuan dengan bahan makanannya. Matt White mengatakan anak itu tampak sedih dan lelah tetapi bersedia untuk membantu dia dengan bahan makanannya untuk ditukar dengan makanan.

Melihat anak ini, Matt lalu membawa anak itu kembali ke toko dan membeli makanan serta segala macam hal untuk dia dan ibu anak itu.

Setelah kejadian itu, ia menceritakan kisahnya di timeline Facebooknya, mengenai pertemuan itu.

Inilah bunyi statusnya :

I just met the most inspiring person ever. His name is Chauncy Jones. He’s a 16 year old from Memphis. He had taken the bus at 9:00 at night to get to the “rich people’s Kroger” on Highland as he called it. He approached me while I was shopping for produce asking if he could help me carry my grocery bags to my car in exchange for buying him a pack of glazed donuts. This kid looked like he had been turned down 100 times. He looked ashamed, hungry and broken. In my heart I screamed a loud “yes!”, but to him I just chuckled and said, “yeah dude, we’ll get you some donuts”. I asked him if he was by himself and he said that he had come all the way out here with the hopes of someone buying him something to eat because he and his mother had nothing at home. He had no phone, a bus pass, and he was depending on the graces of a stranger to feed him within the hour before the bus left. So, needless to say, he and I went on a shopping spree. We had so much fun! We got cereal and chips and frozen veggies, pizzas, Cheetos, melons and pasta, peanut butter, milk, soap, tooth brushes, just a little bit of everything. All the while we talked and he told me how he makes straight A’s in school and is trying to get a job to help his mom pay rent. This kid was amazing. Chauncy kept calling himself poor, but he told me that one day he was gonna be wealthy and own his own businesses so that he could help other people in his neighborhood and buy them groceries like me. I was in awe. I gave him a ride home so that he didn’t have to take the bus and when we got to his house I was truly humbled. He wasn’t kidding. He and his mom had nothing. They didn’t even have beds or furniture. They were sleeping on pads made out of sleeping bags, they had two lamps and nothing in their fridge. Nothing. His mother was so sweet but very fragile. I couldn’t tell what it was, but she had some sort of physical and/ or mental disability that made her shake and made walking difficult. I thought I was going to cry. As we unpacked the food into their kitchen, you could see the hope coming back into Chauncy’s eyes. He knew he wasn’t going to be hungry. He looked like a kid again. As I was leaving I gave him a hug and told him how much God loved him and that he was going to grow up to be an incredible man. I’ll never forget that hug. It meant more to me than any possession I have. Our God is an awesome God, and we can never be thankful enough for the blessings we have.

(Edit) I never thought in my wildest dreams that this single post would create such a tidal wave of kindness and encouragement from everyone. So, I decided to create a page for Chauncy and his mom with lists of things they need here:

Thank you so so much to everyone who has taken he time to donate, reach out and overall just show that they care. It means the world.

Setelah ia mempostingnya, ternyata banyak orang mengatakan bahwa mereka ingin ikut ambil bagian untuk membantu anak itu dan ibunya. Status ini dibagikan lebih dari 13.000 kali.

Melihat respon ini, Matt White lalu membuka akun di GoFundMe, yang membuka kesempatan bagi siapa saja yang ingin membantu Chauncy Jones Black dan ibunya. Dan bantuanpun berdatangan, akun ini menghasilkan bantuan sebanyak lebih dari $270,000.

Chauncy yang awalnya hanya mengharapkan sebuah donat itu akhirnya mendapatkan simpati dan donasi dari banyak orang.

Chauncy patut berterima kasih kepada Matt White yang telah menceritakan kisah ini dan membantunya. Benar-benar orang yang baik hati dan patut diteladani Matt White ini.


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